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Why PinPoint Optics?

In 2011, after extensive research and testing, PinPoint Optics introduced their Post Op Cataract Kits (POCK) at the AAO Annual Meeting as a significantly better quality, easier to store solution than what was currently available in both the USA and abroad. They were very well received and, since then, both practices and patients have benefitted.

In 2013, the Post Op LASIK Kits (POLK) product line was introduced at ASCRS and AAO for refractive patients, clinics and hospitals. These are now being used worldwide.

In 2015, PinPoint Optics introduced our new medium sized glasses. We are the only company currently offering multiple size glasses in our post-op cataract kits.

PinPoint Optics is headquartered in Milford, CT, with distribution facilities in Connecticut, California, Washington and Ningbo (CN).

For further information – please contact John Kelman, CEO – 203.874.0448 x11 john@pinpointoptics.net or via SKYPE - pinpointoptics

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